Friday, March 9, 2012

Can mom really get info off my prepaid sim card?

The prepaid sim card is under her name, I text my boyfriend a lot , I do call him , he calls me too. My mom doesn't know that I have a boyfriend, so she keeps saying that she can get info off the company about my sms and calls. is that true?Can mom really get info off my prepaid sim card?
depends on the provider but yes can happen.Can mom really get info off my prepaid sim card?
Yes all texts and calls do get monitored and things. You can get people to look it hack the phone and or just call the company and get all types of texts and calls that been sent or recieved and it shows on the bill if the parent asks. Or they can have it sent to their email. ANything is traceable and info can be gotten anywhere. Even on computers.Can mom really get info off my prepaid sim card?
If you make money, I'd get your own so your business is truly your business. He can if she wanted to...why are you hiding the fact you have a boyfriend from your mom? The only reason why id hide such is if she had a ton of tattoos and piercings andor did drugs. Bottom line is it be a lot easier for you to deal with if you told her, even if the news did cause a hard time (but meaning that it be easier after she learns to accept it). After all if you live with her; her rules her house.
I work for a cell phone company. Cell phone bills usually come with usage details that you can get through the mail or even online--usage details would include phone numbers (the number you're texting or calling) and the times you are texting or calling. So it won't say his name, but she'll know you're calling/texting someone a lot. She won't be able to get your actual texts or recordings of calls or anything like that (unless she takes your phone).

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