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Need to buy a prepaid sim in UK, which is the best network?

I'm travelling to the UK from Australia in July and need to buy a prepaid sim card to use while I'm there. Which is the best Network to use that gives the most coverage around the major tourist sites in Europe with the best rates? Thanks!Need to buy a prepaid sim in UK, which is the best network?
Go for vodafone. it has a very good roaming plan and it has contracts with many countries all over the world
Well, I'd say Vodafone for UK to UK calls and texts:

If you add (free) "stop the clock" then you only get charged for the first 3 minutes of any call from 7pm onwards, weekdays, or all weekend.. for up to an hour. You can do this by dialling into the top up service and selecting options.

Also if you spend 拢5 during the week on texts and/or calls, you get 1 hour free calls over the weekend and limitless free txts all weekend.

The good thing I find about this is, if you buy a text or voice pack (minutes) from your calling credit, then you get the minutes at a cheaper rate than if you just used credit normally, without buying any voice or txt packs (from the top up service number). However, if you make a call or txt at the discounted rate, it actually counts it as the normal rate as far as the 拢5 spend goes to get the weekend freebies.

I only use Vodafone now so I can't comment on the other networks - it's the only service I've found to have the best signal everywhere I go, even in big houses and cellars (not bondage ones in case you're wondering why I hang around in cellars lol)Need to buy a prepaid sim in UK, which is the best network?
02 is the best network to use
well what network do you have in australia cause if you have 3 you get a feature called 3 Like Home (No Charge Roaming) in the uk on the 3 network

This is an explanation

'3 Like Home': a service that in theory allows subscribers to use any 3-branded network with the exception of 3 Indonesia without having to pay additional roaming charges, instead paying the same amount for voice, data, and messaging services as they would do on their home network. This also allows users to use their free or inclusive bundles and allowances while abroad. However, pre-pay customers do not benefit fully, as they can not yet use each 3 branded network for '3 Like Home'.Need to buy a prepaid sim in UK, which is the best network?

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it s some post unhappy client

''Money deducted without my knowledge!

WHAT A SYSTEM - and i thought i was playing it safe.

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NICE RED SAVE have put me overdrawn with their L19.95 monthly rip off (the first one) and the bank want L35 charges from me (not their fault i know). I rang the bank and explained the situation, and they said, as i had used Red Save in the past it cannot be classed as a fraudulent transaction, but advised me to cancel my card, which i have done.

I will be going to my local CAB on monday and emailing watchdog, because there was no where mentioned about the monthly deduction!

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I used to live in the UK and had O2, which I was happy with.

As I was a non English person living in the UK, I also had an International Talk%26amp;Text bolt on, which gave me cheap texting and calling abroad. Might be attractive for you too as you are from Australia. Here麓s a link http://www.o2.co.uk/mobilestariffs/tarif鈥?/a>

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