Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Is it possible to use a prepaid sim card on a phone with a plan?

I am looking to buy a phone, like an iPhone or HTC and at the moment i have a Telstra Smartouch with a pre paid sim card. I was wondering if you can like, use the prepaid sim card for a phone on a plan?

Thanks (:Is it possible to use a prepaid sim card on a phone with a plan?
Simple answer, yes, you can use a prepaid plan on a postpaid phone. From my personal experience, I can use go phone plan from AT%26amp;T with any AT%26amp;T phones (including iPhones) or unlocked phones, same things go for T-Mobile.This is not the case for other prepaid carriers, Net10 ( a division of Tracfone) sim cards are bounded to the phone that you activated with. Simple Mobile can work on unlocked phone.All these are from personal experience. Good luck.

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  1. Ya sure you can use the telestra sim in the new phone only if it is unlocked one else if the phone is locked to some other network provider then it wont accept any other GSM sim until you unlock it .You can easily unlock your phone through online providers like SuperUnlockCodes.com here they are rendering network unlock code for all mobile models at reliable cost ..You first check that whether the code is available for your mobile model ,country and network provider .If yes then pay for it and unlock the phone then freely use it with any GSM sim ...